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        About us
        Tel:+86 021-60515671
        Fax:+86 021 58448709
        Add:On the 18th Road, Shanghai Jia Pu Zhendong
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        Bevel mechanical focus on flat beveling machine series are rolling shear XBM series, Milling XMM series, pipe ISK, ISD, GPX, SID, YWDJ (tee, elbow) series, chamfering chamfering machine XDL, SKF series . Superb integrated design, soft lines corner, with the perfect combination of technology, to bring you extraordinary quality. Each high-quality products are derived from a groove Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. who rigorous work, the scientific process and strict quality control testing, for customers to create real and lasting value. Groove Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. always put beveling equipment and groove before welding tool used as a research and development focus on both the development and production and marketing of constant innovation to meet the latest and highest requirements of customers, through our continuous efforts tablet Series beveling machine, automatic beveling has the highest speed of 3 m / min, the highest finish of 3.2, working out of the groove is in line with the requirements of the standard types of welding, product and technology has been a world leader, widely used in mechanical, electrical, chemical, nuclear power, textile equipment, paper making equipment, petrochemical, mining equipment, mining and other fields, field maintenance department and machinery manufacturing units.

        We are ready to serve our customers, always in the side of customers, loyal commitment to customers. Leading technology, excellent products, beveling Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ------- beveling equipment provider, will be happy to provide the ideal quality for domestic and foreign merchants and users, welcome friends to visit, guide service negotiations.