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        Welding carriage used in the manufacture of cement machinery

        1 Introduction
        As we all know, the production of cement machinery manufacturing organization forms essentially single-piece production orders and product forms, ranging from a few hundred kilograms to tens of tons, and some individual components up to 100 tons of heavy equipment are due to product differentiation of large, easy to achieve production lines. Welding structure which occupies a large proportion, a larger amount of welding is not easy to introduce expensive robotic welding systems. The all-position automatic welding carriage appeared, just to solve this problem.
        2 all-position automatic welding carriage
        All-position automatic welding carriage is a semi-automatic welding equipment, the car body, drive means, control means, holding means consisting of welding torch. After the manual input of process parameters, can achieve full automatic welding in accordance with certain running track. All-position automatic welding car 10 years ago imported from abroad (Korea, Germany), now the technology has gradually localization, Shanghai Warwick Welding Machinery Co., Ltd. As a leading manufacturer of welding carriage, its complete model for customers to buy.
        Automatic welding equipment to buy less investment, weighs only about 10kg, can move with the workpiece, just with the plant's existing gas shielded welding and simple connection to 220V power supply to operate. Operating threshold is low, just a little welding worker basis, you can post operation after simple training.
        All-position automatic welding carriage walking two ways, one is walking along a special track, track by special magnets or suction cups are welded in "on the piece, with rack and pinion driven [. Flexible rail track rail and two rigid, rigid rails go straight, straight or vertical welds achieve automatic welding; flexible track with the workpiece can weld bend achieve automatic welding circumferential weld. Another is the use of a magnetic wheel travel agencies, car wheel by magnetic adsorbed on the surface, positioning the guide wheel, walking along the seam, you can achieve automatic welding lines and curves.
        All-position automatic welding carriage typically has one or two gun holding means for holding an ordinary gas welding torch. Torch clamping device has a dedicated linear reciprocating swing device, digitally adjustable swings, moving the center position, the left stop time, stop time and the right swing speed, and has a welding torch stop function automatically stops at the center back position .
        Automatic welding swing car, compared with manual welding, soldering welder almost unaffected by the technical level; welding process is stable, fewer defects, weld surface cleaning, welding quality improvement; the welding process, the wire can be continuously fed, deposition rate faster, reducing the welder or welding rod change change positions or rest time, greatly improving productivity; can be a one-time long-distance welding, weld spatter, less smoke, one person can operate both devices, greatly reducing the labor intensity .
        3 in cement machinery manufacturing areas
        Cement machinery manufacturing enterprises welding workshop structure prevalent smoke, dust, noise pollution and other phenomena. Manual welding job welders long in one position, could easily lead to unstable welding quality, less efficient, and easy to form occupational disease. All-position welding automatic welding carriage instead of doing so can improve labor conditions, reduce labor intensity, effectively prevent the occurrence of occupational welder. Ordinary workers through simple training posts, and can operate more than one machine, improve productivity, thereby reducing labor costs, but also reduces dependence senior welder for welding, economic and social benefits significantly.
        Cement machinery components is relatively large, especially for rotational member having a diameter ranging from a few meters to ten meters in length up to tens of meters, subject to the conditions of transport restrictions, most of them in sub-manufacturing factory in accordance with the disintegration of the program, and then to the project site as a whole welding forming. Therefore, in the construction of a cement plant in the process, the installation site is very large amount of welding.
        Installation site mostly outdoor work, poor working environment, on-site all-position automatic welding carriage welding seam stitching on a lot more advantages. Welding quality can be effectively protected, reducing rework soldering improve a passing rate, shorten the construction period the site; for welding work at height, manual welding should be avoided to reduce investment security measures to reduce the chance of accidents.
        Cement machinery service will often encounter welding operations, and all-position welding carriage easy to carry, at the project site just with an ordinary gas protection welder, an ordinary worker can solve welding quality requirements.
        4 Conclusion
        All-position welding carriage automatic welding technology, effectively increasing the weld quality. At present, most cement machinery manufacturing enterprises in the industry to do the high-end market, the owners for product quality requirements have become more sophisticated, so the cement machinery manufacturing enterprises to adopt all-position welding operations in automatic welding carriage is undoubtedly a wise choice.