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        In 2007 a number of priority SME Technology Innovation Fund Project Guide
        In order to support and promote SME Technology Innovation, the State Council approved the establishment of a special fund to support the government of SME (hereinafter referred to as "SME") technology innovation project (hereinafter referred to as the "Innovation Fund"). In order to strengthen the innovation fund management, improve efficiency in the use Innovation Fund, the following special provisions:
        An innovation fund is a guiding funds by attracting local investment companies, technology venture capital and financial institutions for SMEs technological innovation, and gradually establish a socialist market economy in line with the objective law of innovative new technologies to support SMEs investment mechanism.
        Second, the Innovation Fund for non-profit purposes, through the support of SMEs technological innovation projects, enhancing their ability to innovate.
        Third, the Innovation Fund of the use and management must comply with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and financial regulations, follow the honest application, just accepted, scientific management, merit support, openness and transparency, the principle of earmarking.
        Fourth, the sources of funding for the Innovation Fund of the central government grants and interest on bank deposits.
        Fifth, the Innovation Fund for all types of small and medium enterprises registered in China, and its commitment to the project and enterprise support project shall meet the following conditions:
        (A) Innovation Fund to support the project should be in line with national industrial and technological policies, there is a high level of innovation and strong market competitiveness, there is a good potential economic and social benefits, are expected to form a new industry of high-tech achievements transformation project .
        (B) in the local industrial and commercial enterprises have been legally registered administrative authorities, with legal personality, with a sound financial management system; the ratio of the number of workers in principle, more than 500 people, including scientific and technical personnel with college education of the total number of employees is not less than 30%. By the provincial people's government department in charge of the high-tech science and technology enterprises in large-scale production of technological innovation projects, the number of enterprises and technical personnel proportion of the conditions may be relaxed.
        (3) The enterprise should be primarily engaged in the development of high-tech products, development, production and service operations, the responsible person should have a strong sense of innovation and marketing capabilities and higher management level. Enterprise funds annually for research and development of high-tech products is not less than 3% of sales, directly engaged in the research and development of science and technology should account for more than 10% of the total number of employees. For existing products and leading enterprises have gradually formed the bulk and scale of production, must have good business performance.
        Six, and priority support to encourage innovation fund industry, academia, research joint innovation, priority support with independent intellectual property rights, high-tech, high value-added, can absorb a large amount of employment, energy saving, environmental protection and favorable export of all types of projects .
        Seven Innovation Fund shall support low-level redundant construction, simple infrastructure, technology introduction and general processing industries.
        Eight, depending on the characteristics of SMEs and projects, respectively innovation fund interest payments on loans, grants to support different ways of capital investment and other support:
        (A) loan interest: to have a certain level, the scale and efficiency of innovative projects, in principle, take interest subsidies to support their use of bank loans to expand production scale. Typically 50% -100% of the loan amount in interest subsidies, the total discount is generally not more than 100 million, the highest individual major projects not more than 200 million.
        (B) grants to support: mainly used for small and medium enterprises in technological innovation and product research and development necessary to grant the pilot phase, the researchers carry entrepreneurship and technological achievements were the transformation of subsidies. Funding amount is generally not more than 1 million yuan, the highest individual major projects not more than 200 million, and companies must have equal or more of its own matching funds.
        (C) Capital investment: a small number of high starting point, has a wider connotation of innovation, high level of innovation and innovative potential follow-up after the expected production has a large market demand, is expected to form a new industry projects, take the way of capital investment. Capital investment in order to guide the other capital investment as the main purpose, the amount is generally not more than 20% of registered capital can be transferred according to law, in principle, or take the form of co-operation within the prescribed period to recover the investment law. Specific measures shall be formulated.
        Nine, the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund is the competent authority responsible for review and publish annual Innovation Fund to support priorities and guidelines, major issues to consider innovation fund operations, approve the annual work plan Innovation Fund, and the Ministry of Finance Innovation Fund to support the project approval submit annual performance reports to the State Council.
        Ten, the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Finance is the regulatory authorities, to participate in the annual consideration of the Innovation Fund to support priorities and guidelines, and the annual work plan based on innovation fund, the Innovation Fund in two batches per year by the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund Management Center dedicated dial-in account, while the operation and use of the fund supervision and inspection.