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        The basic characteristics and the nature of SME Technology Innovation Fund
        The basic characteristics and the nature of SME Technology Innovation Fund

        High-tech SMEs have less money needed for the building, built in a short cycle, and flexible decision-making mechanism, low management costs, able to adapt to the diversity of market demand characteristics, especially those with other companies incomparable advantages in innovation mechanism and innovation efficiency. High-tech SMEs both accelerate scientific and technological achievements, to achieve an effective carrier of technological innovation, but also an important source of economic growth. Recent developments show that technology-based SMEs both in quantity and in quality, have become an important part of the national economy, the country's economic development an important new growth point. Therefore, combining the characteristics of the status quo of China's SME Development and capital markets, the establishment of government support mainly SME Technology Innovation Fund, is an important measure to promote China's sustained and stable development.
        SME Technology Innovation Fund is approved by the State Council to support SME Technology Innovation of the government special fund. Through grants, loan interest and capital investment and other ways to support and guide the activities of SME technological innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate a group of SME with Chinese characteristics, speed up the process of high-tech industries, will China's industrial structure and product mix will have overall optimization, expanding domestic demand, create new jobs, and to promote the national economy healthy, stable and rapid development has played a positive role.
        SME Technology Innovation Fund as a special fund of the central government, will be in accordance with the objective laws of the market economy to operate, to support various types of SME ownership and effective in attracting local governments, businesses, venture capital firms and financial institutions High-tech SMEs to invest in high-tech industrialization gradually promote investment mechanism established in line with the objective laws of the market economy, so as to further optimize the investment in technology resources, and create a conducive SME Innovation and development environment as well.