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        YG-W series pipe beveling machine

        YW series outer clamp type circular tube groove machine series, has a variety of specifications is power, boiler, shipbuilding, oil, chemical and other industries professional installation and maintenance provides an advanced tool. This product adopts the clamping device, handling, convenient, accurate location, the working efficiency is high, cutting quantity is big, safe and reliable, convenient save Labour, to all kinds of specifications of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel pipe materials for groove machining.

        Product Specifications

        YG-W series processing site

        YG-65 tube row cutter

        This product uses high-performance motor, supported by professional guides, along the rail operations, efficient cutting tube row.

        Max diameter of 101.6, power 3KW, Weight 18.2KG

        Standard 1.8 m rail system installed by deed-block precise positioning, specifically designed for boiler water wall

        Main features:

        1. High-power chainsaw drive to meet the large-diameter pipe cutting

        2. flexible operation, easy on-site operations

        3. To avoid the adverse effects arising from the fire cut the pipeline