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        CJS-16 CNC tapping machine

        1、rapid positioning, cutting speed, production efficiency.

        2、The torsion clamping cylinder protection tap, not easy injury, twist off tap, not rotten teeth.

        3、Through hole, blind hole are qualified for, silk thread precision.

        4、The vertical and horizontal each Angle all can operation

        5、Heavier larger workpiece need not move, direct mobile cantilever to operate.

        6、The operation is simple, safe without special training.

        CJS nc tapping machine parameters

        Groove hydraulic tapping machine: metric standards (coarse thread) : M3 - M130 whitworth thread (coarse thread) : BSW 1/8-4 "English standard pipe thread: BSP 1/8-10" can attack the materials tensile resistance strength: 174 KG/best callus induction can attack material brinell hardness: HB 477 can attack material rockwell hardness: HRC 49