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        Tel:+86 021-60515671
        Fax:+86 021 58448709
        Add:On the 18th Road, Shanghai Jia Pu Zhendong
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        SKF-15 beveling machine

        Processing parameters
        SKF-15 Tablet chamfering beveling machine line beveling Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. introduced the German original technology, Siemens SIEMENS motor, original German RINECK blade (for carbon steel plate) Japan MITSUBISH blade (for stainless steel sheet), Japan NSK bearings precision manufacturing, sheet metal before welding suitable for beveling, compact and light weight, easy to carry. Energy for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials V-bevel, optional components can Φ160mm pipe beveling above. The models sold back to Germany and sold more than a dozen countries and regions around the world.
        Product Features
        A break surface smooth
        2 meet K V X and Y butt welding needs
        3 for stainless steel, cast iron and manganese can and other high-strength materials for processing
        Processing parameters

        Convenient SKF-15 flat chamfering machine operation, and cost-effective choice for small quantities groove